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released April 28, 2014

Recorded at Double Cube Studio by Max and Cj in march/april 2014.
Artwork by 108.



all rights reserved



Giangi - Bass
Michael - Vocals
Miguel - Drums
Pier - Guitar

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Track Name: Sink
Holy fuck not this again
Falling in the deepest void
Lungs collapsing in my chest
I don't want this anymore
And I'm holding onto an anchor
That's rusting in decay
Collarbones holding the weight
of a mind that's going insane
I left my mark upon this wall
A breach open like a wound
Bloody knuckles and broken bones
I am sweatin' cold
And this desperation
growing deep inside of me
clenches my guts with anger
leaves me no room to breathe
I keep making the same mistakes
They’ll haunt me again and again
Cause the light at the end of the tunnel
is a fucking train
I know it's all in my head
Feels so real, I'm about to snap
Misery embraces me
Her eyes gazing upon me
I lie here with no breath
A heavy head waiting to rest
Clenched fists ready to let go
Washed away by the coldest flood
And I sink
And I sink
Track Name: Feeble Minds
Stuffed in cages with open wounds
Feel the pain in their eyes
Cut, tested and vivisected
For your lips to shine bright
You're a slave to mass consumption
Annihilating your own mind
How can you talk about rights?
Your actions are ruining the world
Are you waiting for a fucking applause?
Cast me out like a leper
I'll still have pride in my eyes
You say I'm a fool without perspectives
Who's the intolerant now?
Hate comes easy without nothing to say
I still keep an open mind
Murder is still murder
even if it just fits your belly
You may believe that vegetarianism is just a joke
Just think about it, you shove corpses down your throat
We're all born with the same fucking rights
Respect what surrounds you, respect yourself
Track Name: Jocks On You
You swing your fists looking so tough
Play it rough, you're just another corporate jock
Talking shit behind the back
to cover up how your life is wack
Pride measured on how much you lift
Pain is gain, a mind full of shit
You flex your muscles to show your veins
You kiss your knuckles, oh you're so vain
And I bet you think this song's about you
Maybe you're right, it's fucking true
And I assure you, my nerves are wearin' thin
I'm growing tired of this bench core trend scene
Pack up like wolves to avoid being loners
Challenge yourselves to see who's got it longer
You stretch your arm, I stretch my brain
You swing your fists, I swing my head
Track Name: P.W.Y.P.
You talk, you talk, you talk
but you never have enough
You have a loudmouth yeah
You better shut it up
You live your life in denial
supporting everything going viral
With bloodshot eyes you fight your screen wars
Acting like a sheep outside your bedroom door
Your virtual guts won't make a difference
Brain cells fried like your computer system
And every time your wisdom pours
Be sure you don't choke on your own words
A keyboard warrior on a hero quest
You're just a hypocrite at best
You point your angst in the wrong direction
Taking stands towards poor perspectives
A whole world conspiring against you
Taking for granted the best deceptions
So here's the thing: shut your fucking mouth
Some wars are won without a sound
Now's the time for your actions to speak
Practice what you preach
Practice what you preach